What is ‘Sent as SMS via Server’, and How Do You Fix It?
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What is ‘Sent as SMS via Server’, and How Do You Fix It?

If you’re an average phone user, you might receive the notification “Sent as SMS via Server” on your phone. This notification pops up when you send a message to someone, and instead of receiving a typical read receipt, you receive this notification.

You may be curious about the meaning behind “Sent SMS via Server” and what triggers this notification.

In this article, you’ll discover the definition of “Sent as SMS via Server” and the factors that lead to this notification. Additionally, you’ll find some solutions for resolving the issue of this error message.

What Does β€œSent as SMS via Server” Mean?

If you receive a message indicating “sent SMS via server” or “sent as an SMS via server” in the place where the typical “delivered” notice appears, it means that the message was composed using a device other than a mobile phone. Specifically, the term “server” refers to a computer, laptop, or tablet with WiFi access. Interestingly, sending SMS texts without relying on your cell phone is possible.

You would require a texting platform such as EZ Texting to send SMS texts using a computer or server. This software equips you with the tools to send messages directly from your computer. But what advantages does sending SMS texts from your computer offer?

Possible Causes for the β€˜Sent as SMS via Server’ Status

It’s not clear why this notification is now showing up in Android SMS messages. However, it started appearing after recent updates to the Android operating system, which introduced RCS chats on all Android phones. Many Android users weren’t aware that the update had occurred, which confused the change in message status.

Other potential causes are:

  • If the person receiving the message owns an iPhone, they won’t be able to receive RCS chats because iPhones only support iMessage, not RCS.
  • The message may not go through if the recipient has blocked the sender.
  • The message won’t be delivered if the recipient is not connected to the internet.

How to Get Rid of Sent as SMS via Server Error? [3 Effective Solutions]

If you’re experiencing an issue where messages are being sent as SMS via Server on your Android devices, you can follow a few potential solutions to get rid of this error.

Solution 1: Turn on RCS Chats

You and the person(s) you’re sending messages to can resolve this by enabling RCS messaging on your Android smartphones. To do this, access the Google Messages app on your phone, navigate to ‘Settings’, and then select ‘RCS chats’. The labelling may differ based on your app version, but you should find either ‘Chat Features’ or ‘Turn on RCS Chats’. You can activate RCS chats within this setting if it’s currently deactivated.

Solution 2: Enable SMS delivery reports

You can also enable SMS delivery reports, which are typically disabled by default. In your Messages app settings, locate the section below the ‘General’ settings (it may be labelled according to your cellular service provider). Turn on the option for ‘Get SMS delivery reports.’ Doing so will replace the ‘Sent as SMS via server’ status with the regular text delivery status.

Solution 3: Clear the Messages app cache

One option mentioned by some online forums is to solve the issue by clearing the Messages app cache. To do this, select’ Storage’ in the ‘Settings’ menu. Find the Messages app and choose ‘Clear Cache’ or ‘Cleanup’. Another approach is to perform a general cleanup on your Android device.


Knowing the reasons behind the message status “Sent as SMS via Server” and having the ability to resolve any associated problems can significantly improve your texting experience. By understanding how server-based SMS messaging works, you can ensure reliable message delivery, use extra features, and troubleshoot compatibility issues. Enjoy the benefits of server-based messaging while staying connected to your loved ones.

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