7 Apps Like Snapchat to Level Up Your Social Game! [Top Picks 2023]
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7 Apps Like Snapchat to Level Up Your Social Game! [Top Picks 2023]

Snapchat is an immensely popular social media platform that allows users to share moments with their loved ones. Given its success, numerous competitors have emerged, imitating its features and developing similar applications. Consequently, there exists a wide range of Snapchat alternatives in the market. In this article, IB Trends has picked seven exceptional apps like Snapchat to level up your social game

Top 7 Apps Like Snapchat

1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the top Snapchat alternatives. It boasts over 1 billion active users globally and is widely recognized as one of the most popular social media applications worldwide. While offering its unique photo and video-sharing capabilities, Instagram has also incorporated several features of apps similar to Snapchat, such as stories and self-destructive chats.

Moreover, Instagram provides face filters and effects akin to those found on Snapchat, allowing users to capture pictures in these filters and share them with friends or upload them as stories. Additionally, the app includes comprehensive photo and video editing tools. a similar feature called Instagram Reels. Instagram does not have Snap Map, the only Snapchat feature. 

2. Whatsapp

WhatsApp apps like Snapchat which was established in 2009, serve as messaging applications utilized by more than two billion individuals across over 180 nations globally. Initially designed for personal communication among family and friends, WhatsApp gradually became a platform where businesses also engage with their customers.

The app provides businesses with comprehensive features such as official profiles, the ability to share updates regarding purchases with customers, and dedicated customer support through WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp stands apart from Snapchat, which primarily focuses on photo and video sharing as a social media application. In contrast, WhatsApp offers a broad range of functionalities that extend beyond mere communication. It enables users to connect with loved ones and businesses, exchange images, videos, files, and documents, make purchases, and engage in various other activities.

3. Messenger

Facebook has closely observed Snapchat from the beginning, recognizing its ability to captivate and engage users in a novel way. As apps like Snapchat gained popularity, Facebook faced a decline in its own appeal. In an attempt to address this, Facebook attempted to acquire Snapchat, but their offer was declined. Consequently, Facebook proceeded to incorporate Snapchat-like functionalities into their own platforms, namely Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Over time, Messenger users were attracted by 3D masks, face filters, and special effects that continued to improve. In 2017, Facebook introduced the “My Day” feature, which was later rebranded as Facebook Stories. Similar to Snapchat, this feature enabled users to share temporary content.

4. TikTok

Nowadays, everyone uses TikTok. The expansion of TikTok has been truly remarkable, and it’s not unexpected either. By now, everyone is aware of how much online users enjoy watching videos. TikTok takes advantage of this by developing an app that becomes the ideal destination for watching and posting short videos.

One might mistakenly believe that TikTok is exclusively for those who participate in the latest dance trends, but even regular individuals enjoy utilizing the platform to share miscellaneous events from their daily lives. There aren’t any perfect Snapchat alternatives, but it’s surely equally enjoyable to use.

5. Clipchat

Clipchat is the best alternative to apps like Snapchat which permits you to send photos that disappear after being viewed. It features a user-friendly interface and closely resembles Snapchat.

Clipchat boasts an attractive interface that is much simpler compared to other apps, which often have vibrant and flashy designs. When you send a photo using Clipchat, the recipient initially sees a blurred preview of the image. Once they tap on it, an animation effect triggers, revealing a clear and unblurred version of the photo. Unlike apps similar to Snapchat which primarily focuses on photo-sharing, Clipchat defaults to video-sharing.

Clipchat focuses on security as well. In the case where your friends possess modern iPhones, this application notifies you if they have made an attempt to capture a screenshot of the image you sent them. Consequently, Clipchat offers an easy-to-use and captivating messaging platform that provides a comprehensive volatile messaging encounter.

6. Telegram

Telegram is considered one of the top alternatives to apps like Snapchat. It functions as a messaging platform similar to WhatsApp but offers additional features in the style of Snapchat. For instance, it provides the option to send self-destructing images and chats. Furthermore, you can engage in voice and video calls with your contacts. The platform also offers a wide range of creative stickers; however, it lacks the face filters and photo effects found in Snapchat.

Unique to Telegram, you can join multiple communities and connect with others without needing a phone numberβ€”simply by using their username. Another advantage is the availability of Telegram on Windows and Mac OS laptops, accessible through your preferred web browser. The app offers a seamless user experience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a messaging platform with features apps similar to Snapchat.

7. Viber

There are many Snapchat alternatives, including Viber, which provides a comprehensive messaging service and boasts a large number of monthly active users. The app combines text and media messaging and offers a video or voice calling feature that can be used by non-Viber users, a feature that is not available on Snapchat.

With Viber, you can engage in one-on-one conversations or create group chats with numerous participants. Furthermore, you can easily share video or voice messages without the need for phone calls, which is particularly convenient when you prefer not to type or when you’re occupied with other tasks.